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Now, on top here, we swap pavement for pain and head to Alaska to find America's toughest truck Adam. Do you see how big that moun...

Finding The Right Bedliner For Your 2021 F-150


If you're looking for a truck bed liner for your brand new 2021 Ford F-150 we can help you find the best option out there. The 14th generation of the best-selling truck in America is rolling off the lots at a record pace and we know you want to keep it in tip-top condition with the protection of a good bed liner.

The 2021 model year F-150's are a bit different from the previous 14th generation trucks as they've been equipped with a new aluminum body frame that is lighter and stronger than the steel body frames from the previous models. This made refitting the truck bed a relatively easy process, but the 14th generation is really good to the touch thanks to its new paint finish.

It looks fantastic, but it's the technology in this truck that you want to look out for. The all-new power train now consists of a dual-motor, all-electric power train that uses vanes to move the air for both axles. It has a top speed of 130 mph, making it the fastest truck in its class.
2021 Ford F-150 Bedliner
The all-new aluminum frame also helps keep weight low, and the electric motors help provide power and torque for the front and rear axles. This truck is the most efficient of all 18-wheeler power units, getting its power from just 1 electric motor and 1 gasoline motor.

That's why a good bed liner is a must with this truck. You want to make sure your liner will not only keep its flexibility but will also keep the outermost layer of paint from flaking or peeling.

This truck has been refitted for use as a mobile dealership. While you cant use the bed or the trailer to ship products, you can use it as a tool to get your products into the hands of customers. To make the transition from a mobile office to a mobile dealership smooth, you want to make sure your bed is clean and pressed flat. That way the outermost layer of paint won't peel or flake. The older your truck is, the more of the paint layer you need to preserve.

This truck is now the most versatile in its class. It can be used for a variety of different purposes. What we are going to discuss here is just the basics of how to choose a trailer for your mobile office. As always, you are going to want to seek the advice of someone who has actually done this business.

Before you purchase an 18 wheeler, you are going to want to talk to someone who has done this business in this class. The biggest mistake a beginner blurs these lines. You want to find a local expert who can help you determine which 18 wheeler will best suit your needs and budget.

* The biggest mistake a beginner makes is to buy the wrong 18 wheeler. They think they can buy the biggest or the slowest. The wrong choice will cost them time, fuel and money. They will most likely return the purchase after a couple of months and think, why didn't I choose the right 18 wheeler. The mistake here is to think the equipment you have is the only thing that matters.

* They think they can purchase the smallest trailer. Again, the wrong choice will cost them time, fuel and money.

* They choose a trailer that is too large for their needs. Again, the wrong choice will cost them time, fuel and money.

Now that you know what you need, the next step is to research the costs. As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of trailers you will need and you need to look at each one individually.

Here is a quick rundown of the different types of trailers:

* RVs - Research the price of RVs in your area to determine what is a fair value.

* SALS - These trailers are often sold as complete units. You will need to look at the total cost of the trailer and what is included in the total cost. Often these are used to run other trailers.

* DED - This trailer is often purchased as a complete unit. The cost includes the frame, cross members, power arms, and awnings. The trailer comes as a flatbed or as a semi-rig. You will need to look at the total cost of the trailer and what is included in the total cost. Often these are sold as a used trailer.

* SAG - This trailer is often sold as a complete unit. The cost includes the frame, cross members, power arms, and awnings. The trailer comes as a flatbed or as a semi-rig.

These are quick five questions to help you determine what trailer is a fair value and if it's a good value.


Residing in Missouri gives us local citizens the opportunity to appreciate seasonal climate changes. From sweltering sunlight to pristine snowfall, we have it all. Aren't we lucky?

Despite how much you enjoy a winter wonderland, it offers some special automotive care challenges as well as additional threats while out on the road. While a windshield cover is a typical auto device that cars and truck owners depend on to help them get through the blistering summertime days, there are additionally a variety of advantages of using one throughout the year.


Your windshield is comparable in make-up to a pair of glasses that you put on when it pertains to scrapes. Just like a scrape on your preferred pair of sunglasses can hinder your vision, so can scratches on the windscreen. In the beginning, scrapes, pits, and nicks might be tough to see as well as not have any type of noticeable result on your visibility. In time, nonetheless, they build up and also can cause distortions, glare, and also other problems.

While the car is stored away or parked, covering it with a protective windshield cover will aid avoid glass damage from falling items and wear from the components. This is true all year, from dropping leaves, to falling snow, to spring hail storm and summertime rainstorms.

You might not expect an outside windshield cover to do anything to make the within your automobile a lot more comfy. Yet they in fact insulate the glass. In the winter season, the whole body of the car warms up as you drive, as the engine heats up, and while the vents blow warm inside. Yet this all dissipates when it's turned off. A windshield cover helps it preserve those cozy temperature levels for longer in the winter.

During the summertime, a cover is made to do the opposite. By reflecting the sunlight and also creating more color for the cabin, this type of item reduces the increase of temperature levels inside the auto. Special reflective product is made use of to help keep the automobile cool also when it's sitting in the sun.

When you get up on a cool, dark early morning during the lengthy Pennsylvania winter seasons, the last point you want to do is obtain the snow off your windshield. However this chore is necessary to clear the visual field and see well enough to drive. Even if you rely upon your automobile's defrost feature to melt the snow, this takes extra time-- which is usually currently limited in the morning-- and may clear only a small area of presence. Using an exterior windscreen cover, like those by Frost Guard, will cross this off your wintertime early morning to-do list.

If snow has gathered on the windshield, the white, cosy stuff is most likely concealing a layer of ice. This is because your vehicle was still cozy when parked and the very first flakes to fall thawed on the glass. As the car cooled off to the outside temperatures, this water adhered the windscreen. It produces a sheet of ice that is not just difficult to scrape away, yet difficult to translucent. Defrost can aid melt the ice, yet the resulting slush will certainly mistake and also decrease chauffeur visibility when the wipers attempt to remove it away. Without a windscreen cover, the glass will certainly need to be scratched completely before you hop on your means.

See this video to see this year's finest all-season windshield covers.

Like this inexpensive relatively easy to fix windscreen cover it can likewise be a reliable tool for shielding the interior of the car from UV rays. Though this might feel like it's an issue just in the summer season, damaging sunshine is present throughout all periods.

Scratching the ice as well as snow from your car's windshield is an unrecognized task. Even if you put on gloves, possibilities are you'll find yourself stumbling for the snow scraper and also perhaps dropping it. If you don't have handwear covers, or if they aren't water-proof, after that you'll also need to contend with cool, wet hands that are annoyingly red as well as aching.

In the winter months, making use of a windshield cover is the easiest as well as quickest method to jump on your means. When the cover is gotten rid of, driver exposure is optimal. There is no demand to wait on the snow to blow away, obtain removed by the wipers, or melt off with the help of the defroster. Winter season driving is currently a challenge with dangerous road conditions; this is an easy service to remove unnecessary dangers and lower the potential for a crash.

Covers are practical in the other seasons also. They maintain the windshield tidy and clear, avoiding the accumulation of dirt, dust, leaves, resin and tree residue. In the long-lasting, covering the glass likewise extends the life of windshield wipers by making their job less complicated and reducing the wear of gritty gunk on the rubber.

CHECK OUT THIS 16ft Stretched Bed Ram That ArmorThane has offered to PROTECT

Stretched Ram pickup with 16-foot bed is quite the long hauler...

A 4x4 superfan built the super-long truck

And you thought your pickup could haul.

An off-road truck super fan has built a Ram 4500 with a 16-foot-long bed that offers twice the maximum length that the factory allows.

According to The Drive, the custom Ram holds a 205-inch wheelbase, which is longer than a complete Dodge Charger sedan and is powered by a 6.7-liter Cummins diesel motor.

It belongs to two Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of Sharjah, UAE, which holds the world's largest collection of 4x4 vehicles and is a fully-functional vehicle.

Al Nahyan has even outfitted it with a tarp to turn the bed into a pool, which might be the most pickup truck thing you could possibly do.

He's not the first to create a super-sized Ram, however. In 2012, the automaker revealed the Long-Hauler concept, a Mega Cab Ram with an eight-foot bed, and an auxiliary gas tank sandwiched within them that gave it a range of 1,700 miles between fill-ups. That's enough to get it cross-country with just one stop.

Ram considered putting it into production but ultimately couldn't make a business case for it. However, it will be introducing the 702 hp Ram 1500 TRX later this year, which hauls in a very different way, covering a quarter-mile in less than 13 seconds.

The museum comprises several unique creations, including a Jeep Wrangler outfitted with pontoons.

ArmorThane has offered to give this pickup a total makeover with a top of the line ArmorThane ArmorLiner Bedliner...We will keep you updated as to if Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan takes them up on the offer.

7 Crazy Russian Trucks and Amphibious Off-Road Vehicles You Must See

Welcome to Massey tack, it goes without saying that bad roads, unforgiving weather conditions and harsh terrain are first of all associated with one country on this planet, Russia. What else is typical for this place? Some mean and extreme trucks that can actually allow people to get around and reach any corner of the vast territory these vehicles can drive with or without roads, on snow dirt and sand through water and on water. Are you interested to witness these monsters and find out some information about them, then stick with us a little longer but before beginning make sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell. Let'S roll tinker tinker track vehicle is truly multifunctional and is intended to become a substitute for his swamp buggy, a tractor, a snowmobile, a quad bike and a boat. It can develop a speed of 22 miles per hour and seat five people for land transportation and for for water travel, Tingler track has a fuel efficient four-stroke engine steel, reinforced tracks and light HDPE body. It can easily overcome 1.65 feed obstacles. Two point: three feet: wide pits and 40 gradient hills: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] Saten pro another civilian used crazy. A TV named Shatan was recently released by russian company na'vi pataki, translated as the new stream with a Japanese made KU beta V. 1505 T turbo diesel engine, this intimidating, off-roader is capable of conferring all kinds of terrain including snow sand, mud Bushwood, water bodies, 35 %, gradient hills and 3.3 feet high obstacles such as fallen trees. Such maneuverability is made possible by a two-part moving frame and huge low-pressure makar tires. The price for this atv is moderate and starts from $ 48,000 for a gasoline engine and 55 thousand for diesel Music ] after our shaman shaman, created by Russian truck manufacturer after us, is another off-road vehicle suitable for use in any weather conditions. It can comfortably seat 8 passengers any driver and can be transformed into a forced sleeping places, cabin shaman, climbs 45 % gradient hills and obstacles and has a unique side wave moving mode. A four-cylinder Iveco, f1c, 3 liter turbo diesel helps shaman attain a 44 mph maximum speed. The vehicle is available for customization, as the manufacturer offers its customers to build their own shaman Music, ], [, Music, ] burlock. It is a six wheel and fibia struck with one heard: 70 horsepower yoda one KDF TV, boo, diesel engine top speed reaches 55 miles per hour on solid grounds and three point: seven miles per hour and water. This atv was first developed for a Transantarctic automobile expedition. In 2014 and the second prototype was created in 2017, burlock was fully built by fantastic, auto mechanic engineer and automotive enthusiast Alex Makarov make sure to visit his channel to see unbelievable places. His visited with this truck Music ] chirp first develop in 2015. Sharp ATV has become an established competitor among other off-road vehicles produced worldwide. It can overcome 3.3 feet high obstacles as it is equipped with huge wheels and low pressure tires. The vehicle is powered by four-cylinder 1.5 litre diesel cubit FV 1505 t44 engine that has 44 horsepower and allows ship to develop a top speed of 28 miles per hour on land. The vehicle is also amphibious and goes 3.75 miles per hour and water [, Music, ], Taurus Taurus is a Russian design and made small sized all-terrain motorcycle. That is not saying in water and can even climb stairs. Interestingly, the motorcycle has a two wheel drive and is dismountable. It could be fit into a track of a regular passenger. Car Taurus is great for off-road driving in The Woodlands. It is, however, not suitable for Road use and is sold exclusively in Russia. The price is around $ 1700 [, Music, ], [, Music, ] vitas truck vitas dt 30 is an all-terrain track vehicle first produced in 1982. The truck can be used on sand, snow and water. It is mostly used for fried and cargo transportation for military purposes. The Vita's can carry a crew of five and a maximum load of sixty-six thousand pounds under the hood. The VDS is a 710 horsepower, Vee 46 v diesel engine that has a preheater and can be started at the temperature of 58 degrees, Fahrenheit [, Music, ], [, Music ]. If you're watching this video from the Russian Federation, we have a message for you guys. We all love your amazing trucks, but how about building good roads when you won't need them any longer? Thank you all for watching and we'll see you next time so make sure to subscribe.

The Mercedes G550 4x4 Squared Is a $250,000 German Monster Truck

This is a 2017 mercedes-benz, g550 4x4 squared it costs around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, which is double the price of a regular Mercedes G Wagon, and it's listed way off the ground. So it has double V, off-roading abilities of a regular G Wagon, and today I've borrowed this one from a viewer here in Virginia. So I can show you why it's double the insane of a regular G Wagon, [, Music ]. Of course, I'm going to demonstrate that in a minute by driving the g-wagen 4x4 squared - and you can read all of my thoughts on the driving experience, if you click the link below to read my review on autotrader.com, slash oversteer, but right now, I'm going to take You on a little tour and show you all of the crazy quirks and weird features that make the G Wagon 4x4 squared so unusual, even when it's just sitting still. First a quick overview. The g550 4x4 Squared uses the same engine from the regular g550, a twin-turbo v8, with 416 horsepower and 450 pound feet of torque, it's officially available in the United States, but you might never see one production numbers likely won't top 300 or so for the entire country. The interior is the same as a standard G Wagon, but all the other stuff well you'll see. But when sorry about that little smudge on the lens now the craziest thing you instantly notice about this vehicle is obviously its height. I am 6 foot 3. I'M not a short person, but this is not a short vehicle. Next up, here's a comparison with this thing and my Range Rover. This is not some tiny little crossover. This is no same sized SUV and people do me crap for driving something so big. Well, it ain't so big. Now, look at the difference in mirror height, look at the difference in roof height, and maybe the craziest thing. When you open the Range Rovers door, the middle of it barely reaches the G wagons running boards. The four by smallest grant is enormous, in fact, it's 20 inches taller than a Range Rover, but the Range Rover is the wrong vehicle to use for a demonstration of the G wagons height for a better comparison. This is the G Wagen 4x4 squared. This is a public school bus; their Huns are at the same level. That means when you're driving this your driving position is what we the same, is when you're driving this in case. You think I'm lying about the driving position here. It is next to one of these flat front buses. The G Wagen 4x4 squares. Hood comes up to this buses windshield when you're driving. This thing you'll basically be chatting it up with fire engine drivers, school bus drivers, garbage truck drivers. Oh nothing! You have a lot in common now, speaking of gargantuan size, you can't talk about height and not mention with the standard G Wagon is only sixty nine and a half inches wide, which is narrower than a Ford focus, but to create the g-wagen 4x4 squared they had To add over a foot of width to this vehicle, the result this one is 82 inches wide, which makes it wider than a Ford Raptor. Another crazy thing about this vehicle is the ground clearance. Mercedes-Benz has listed this thing off the road he's, including called portal axles, which I'll get to in a second right. Now. The important thing to understand is a Ford Raptor. The off-road muscley pickup truck has 9.3 inches of ground clearance. This thing has 18 inches double a ford Raptors ground clearance. What exactly does 18 inches of ground clearance and tail well, let me demonstrate [, Music ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause ]. We can't afford Raptor. Another interesting thing about this vehicle is the bumper situation now, when mercedes-benz lifted the entire g-wagen body that was gon na lifted the bumper itself, and the result of that is that the normal bumper on this car doesn't really conform to the bumpers. On any other vehicles that we get an accent so in order to sell this in the United States, mercedes-benz had to fit this tiny little aluminum, looking bumper all the way on the bottom. It'S the lowest point in the car and kind of looks like a weird afterthought bumper, and then there are the fenders now in order to Jack this thing up and make it all off road ready, Mercedes had to stick a bunch of suspension components down there, which Involved widening the vehicle, and so the tires came out from the body and they needed some fenders. The interesting part of this decision was Mercedes, decided to make the fenders out of carbon fiber. Now that may seem like it's sort of a cool thing: carbon-fiber fenders, except you're, driving along and this wheel kicks up some rocks and then BAM. It goes right near carbon-fiber failure. I can we imagine what these giant carbon-fiber fenders cost to replace. Now one of the things you'll quickly realize, with the height situation in this vehicle, is that stepping inside is no longer especially easy. We demonstrate you open the door and then look at this is 18 inches. You got to step over, it's not it's, not the easiest thing, the world, the first. The front is hard, but harder yet is the rear. Let me show you you open the back door. You notice, not only do you have to climb over 18 inches, but the space to get in is much smaller because of the giant rear fender and because it's desala much legroom in this thing, not only that you have to climb over 18 inches and then you Have to climb even higher to get into the back seat. Most importantly, you don't want to put your hand on the extremely expensive carbon fiber vendor, because you don't want to break it so climb inside you don't put your hand there. You got to eat yourself up. Oh climb even further, and now I'm in not so bad but now getting out. I can't put my hand there, so I just got to kind of sleep. The height also creates a problem. If you're trying to load stuff in in modern cars, people complain if they have to lift the package above their knees in order to get the car, and this thing you have to look bit above your waist leave it I level for short people. Now. The interesting thing is once it's here: it's actually a little bit easier to get out of there in a normal car, because this is right here boom, but getting it in the first place, not especially easy. Now, one of the interesting things you'll notice about this vehicle. When you first see it is all of the lights, the front end is generally the same as a regular g-wagen. But look up here you have these orange marker lights in front, but turn on whenever you turn on the headlight and in back you have the same setup, the same grouping of lights except they're red and they come on every time. You turn on the headlights. I assume this is to warn people that you're coming in a vehicle that is incredibly tall. Semi trucks have lights like these now. The most interesting part are these. These are little LED lights like the running lights up front. Unfortunately, the federal government decided apparently that Mercedes Benz is not allowed in the US market to turn on the LED lights, presumably because it would blind birds or something anyway. The point is, you can't turn them on at all they're, just there in foreign markets they come on, but not here a one other interesting thing about the light panel on the roof. Then I have carbon fiber, which is weird because it just faces forward. It'S kind of susceptible to rot chips, also susceptible to rot chips. Those fenders again in the front they also face forward and the carbon fiber is right here - could easily get hit. Maya Rockets kicked up from another vehicle. Now, let's talk about the portal axles, which is rather busy, this vehicle is able to be lifted so high off the ground. Now, when a normal guy just lifts his truck, usually just does the suspension leaving the axles where they are and then they become the lowest point on the vehicle, not in this case, in this case, they've done the suspension which lifted it up, but they also move The axle now in a normal vehicle, the axles are right in the middle of the wheel. That makes the most sense the wheels turn on the axles are right in the center in this car, the portal axles actually lift up a bone. The center of the wheel for extra ground clearance tremendously expensive solution, but it gives it thing, probably six extra inches of ground clearance, amazing to look at now. That'S why I was able to climb underneath it there's absolutely nothing in tumbling this car, since the axles have been moved out of the way of any objects. This thing has so much ground clearance. You can probably drive over a fire hydrant and not damage another thing. I love about this car not unique to the 4x4 squared, but all G wagons is the basketball hoop cupholder. Allow me to explain now: the G Wagen came out back in the 70s before people are putting cupholders and cars when they modernized it later for the US market, they needed to add a couple there, and so for the front they added this thing. Look at that look at that look at this cup holder and tell me it does not look exactly like a basketball hoop for tiny basketball. Unfortunately, it is a couple there and this is the only front cup holder in the g-wagon. So that's most of the insanity, but not all of it. For the rest, I have to climb inside and get out on the road. In this thing, a 250 thousand dollar german-built monster truck all right time to drive the four by four squared, oh boy. What we see very high, then you'll notice that yeah there's the windowing you know in the animated it was different, hips to be lifted, done another 10 inches off the ground, as I'm compromising what a mysterious tree doesn't permanently direct. Now I do feel like I own the road, I really feel like everybody. What is it? Yeah? Yes - and I guess here - dynamics part we're always on the left bank and then we love to get a little change in course, and definitely body can go under course, which is actually kind of mining suppressors. You may close. Listen. I know professional running incident body rolls roll, it's not a special problem. I wanted to. I get run over that need such an interesting people right hearing friends. New cars is quite a big dream. Yes, when you come to a full stop at a light, it stops and then it kind of rocks back and forth a little bit. The other interesting thing is the car feels terrible. Mistake is potentially a few clamps and defenders, and you remember, by the way, don't forget. I had six inches on either side of me. I got ta tell for the amount of parking the tech scene. I really need pickup in a pickle that painting is above the ground how much they are than this car and collective am very disappointed. That is unbelievable. I am looking down and rather flammable cute, that guy brought in a frenzy by the really special essential we're coming it looks like us, is fun believe I'm in my room, but I need to visit a normal car you're my rage around a little our main things. I look at if I think, all other small crossover in this vehicle ain't like a psychological control, except for the interior any place. You can stitch them your beautiful leather, carbon, fiber strands Intervale. If you travel, I believe all of your chameleon Alcantara steering eliminating look arrangement on Michael Beasley, interesting, rising rates battery. You have a combination of sorts of things. Okay, with a lifted pickup, you have the luxury that you associate with over safes been. Oh, then, you have this steering position that I've only ever got what I print like. I know, but you fall when I moved facility. It was kind of like that. This is incredible. I can see the entire. I can see I'm sitting behind a Volvo xc90. I can see over it and then I can see to the next car front of like a Highlander. I can see his room rack situation. I can see the roof registration car in front of him. I think it doesn't bring a job like we saw with the rough roads and I think it's pretty good, you do feel it, but it isn't uncomfortable. I don't feel like. I don't feel like it's going, fine and also they're closing it. I'M not really looking like puddles. I wouldn't be really trying to get out of the way over the a what everything I'm surprised, how much body rolling things? That'S, not a bad thing. I think your college fun happens. Bag isn't going to handle like whoa. It'S pretty quick, that's pretty quick, it's not wildly bad, but it moves considering our driving position. You know when you sit in that vehicle, if you expect it to have fire truck acceleration, you know it's interesting. I actually wonder if it drives a little better than a turkey leg, and just because I sort of have the wider track, the corners are further apart and almost as well positioned the standard. How? How can you know I mean you have a bunch breaking? I think that Harlan to me this is the question. I'M concerned be waiting release less on here. You really can't be like a lot of passing car weight between the past power and the driving position. You just own the road you own their own time, because even you know in a semi-truck, you have the driving for this really on the road, but you could need to keep up with a hyundai elantra and in the g63 you're you're, not that much taller than A regular SUV, my ranger, but I but in Michigan - and this is the only car, Lightning sort of super top like a semi-truck. Remember if you've ever gone to a monster truck event, you've probably looked around and noticed that you aren't exactly surrounded by our nation's elite. But, let's be honest: monster trucks are cool, even if you're, rich and now the g-wagen 4x4 squared gives the wealthy a chance to have the monster truck experience. Just like everyone else, and actually I think that perfectly sums up what this vehicle is: the giant $ 250,000 german-built monster truck for the 1 % and g550 4x4 squared. It is something something how much is 18 inches well. Allow me to demonstrate the bumper to bumper by [ Music ]

America's Best 4x4 Truck

Now, on top here, we swap pavement for pain and head to Alaska to find America's toughest truck Adam. Do you see how big that mountain is in front of you? I think I've got any bigger tires. I think you're gon na need a better truck Music, ] Applause ] welcome to a very special episode of Top Gear. I'M Adam Ferrara, that's Tanner Foust, and this is Rutledge. Wood today is all about the pickup truck in 2009. Americans alone bought four point: nine million trucks like this f-150, the f-series Ford, has been the top selling vehicle in this country for 28 years in a row. Now, there's a lot of rivalries and trucks. So we decided to answer the question: that's consumed the nation for years. What is America's toughest truck to find a definitive answer? The producers told us to go online, spend no more than three thousand dollars in by truck. That would then be put through a series of challenges: here's the catch it had to have at least a hundred and fifty thousand miles, and we had to buy it sight unseen and we met our trucks for the first time in an equally challenging environment, Alaska. The last wild frontier two and a half times the size of Texas, it's pretty wild. It apparently has lots of animals that can trample and eat you. We bought our trucks online. They looked okay in the photos, but we had no idea if they'd actually be any good. All we knew is that one of them would be crowned America's toughest truck, but between now and then lay the Alaskan wilderness and a slew of challenges. We had no idea what was in store for us only that we'd meet our trucks for the first time in the forest just north of Anchorage. You know, Alaska is one of the only few states where you can see all three types of bears. That'S great. You know it's not the Bears. I think that you got to be worried about it's the Moose. Did you hear that moose? What was that there's three times as many people killed by moose as bears? What are you wearing? This is for the Bears. This is bear spray. This is this'll knock a grizzly down like bear pepper spray, and these are bear bells. They hate this salsa. Oh, my god was it a bear? No, it's a Dodge! Oh oh! It'S even bigger than I thought. I picked a 97 Dodge Ram with an extended cab and a 5.7 liter Magnum v8. I was gon na power across Alaska in style and comfort. It'S a lot newer than the other ones. How'D! You get this for 3 grand. I found it on Craigslist and had you have 150 thousand miles, that's all our criteria said so and how much is on this 159 there's any endurance factor. Then the Dodge is hosed tare. Do you see this? I can fit my entire head. That'S how much you spent in travel - that's impressive, yeah! Well, my favorite part about this is your head. Is now a unit of measurement. Is this year Stan? Oh, it's adorable, we're smurfed it the color description. My choice was a 1983. We seek a stepside lightweight diesel. 165 horses, the perfect bush truck gentlemen, take a look under the hood. This is the best part, while you guys are choking on trying to find gasoline. I was a decent torque monster. With my decent diesel. You got a diesel with a carburetor. That'S at 350. You got robbed if you're lucky, it's a 4 volt name to that. That is not a diesel. The small setback in to 350 small budget, one of the most popular engines ever sold in America, uh not what I was hoping for, but this is really for a man's truck like this Adam. I wasn't gon na, say anything, but this is the worst decision. You'Ve ever buy, you kidding me, look it's a forward baby. For me, it could only be a 220 horsepower Ford. F250. This beast was made in 1976, when men were men and trucks were trucks, and I was nine. This is like the Ford of death check out the seats wow that is semi-truck leather idea. This is seats from a Lincoln Electric Wow. This is gon na, be the roughest ride, probably of your life. That'S why I got the seats. I thought of everything. This is a Ford. My friend is the best-selling pickup in the world, while each truck had its downside failure who is not an option because stalking behind us all the way was a 93 Toyota pickup, a jihadi favorite, it's known around the rest of the world as a Hilux. Now the rules was simple: if your truck failed, you had to finish the search for America's toughest truck in an import. You would be a national disgrace. I don't know if anybody's in a really great situation right now, but I think by far I've got the best ride out of the terrain. If you want to pick up guys and Gnome to find out how Road worthy our trucks where the producers gave us our first challenge a braking test, we needed to get up to 30 miles an hour and then jam on the brakes at a marker. Point 30 feet from the lake. If our trucks didn't stop, we would be beaver bait. Let'S go Music ]. Are you scared, I'm looking for my out money, birdy Wow? It'S got some power. Ome he's coming! That thing is coming. How is that possible that that thing can stop Adam stopping distance was five feet from the water's edge Tanner and his Chevy smurf side were up next. A night attack comes from a predatory bear. Oh god, here we go. This is gon na be fun. Oh man! Oh man, it stops yeah, okay, safe. My truck stopped two feet from the water which meant Adam was in the lead, think you're up there, hexxus Ranger hope you got some Chuck Norris and that dodge here we go. Rutledge definitely had an unfair advantage with his 97 Ram, so we decided to level the playing field a bit by cheating and we moved his breaking point closer to the water. Don'T worry about a thing: his head floats, get it up there. We go, get it up. There there it is: Oh, oh just a little too far you had it. Where was I supposed to break? Oh you're, good, you're, fine, there you go, keep coming. That is real. How can I have something like that could happen? You guys went 3030 yeah. I was over 30 3-0 that sucks. I think you lost that one you'll be fine, don't worry about it, I'd shake it off and focus on the next one. Remarkably Adams, 1000 year old fordzilla won the first challenge, but now it was time for the next one. Alright, gentlemen, the moment we have been waiting for Alaska is home to the most brutal environment in America, where trucks routinely meet their fate in rivers, forests, crevasses and ice, as well as on the road you're. Now, in healy alaska, where Christopher McCandless famously went into the wild and died by the way, actually he died yeah I did to test the road worthiness of your trucks. Your next challenge is to drive a hundred miles to Fairbanks. Okay, let's go: do you really know how to guide? I too know he didn't, have a bear belt. You don't know okay, this roadtrip challenge would test our vehicles endurance, and it also gave us the perfect chance to get to know what we'd bought getting her up to speed for the first time, you're, getting a little shake through the steering wheel. I'Ve got a good 25 degrees of actual play in the wheel. Fan belt is squealing away and we're going 46 miles an hour. This old Chevy he's got two hundred and thirty eight thousand miles. That'S a loan Rutledge has got a truck that either a high school football captain would drive or maybe Chuck Norris. Can you hear the tires? I got ta set a 37 inch mud terrains, that's huge! I think that may be why I had a little bit of trouble. Stopping now the tough thing for Dodge is they haven't always done really well with their truck sales. In 93, they sold less than a hundred thousand trucks. So that's when they decided to totally redo it launched a completely new Ram for ninety four, the highest number of trucks dodge ever sold 1996, and this was one of those 400,000 Adams truck was built before I was born. I am driving in 1976 Ford f250 and I'm yelling, because it's very noisy the paint job is falling apart and the power steering there's no power steering. I should have been a little bit more suspicious when I saw the ad for this truck. The picture was taken way far away and he said we'll trade for mountain bike. I figured out your color tanner, it's blurple, just wait till the Sun comes out. You'Ll see the blue Adams truck. Is it's what the Unabomber would drive? Music ] a lot like when we went to Detroit. I haven't seen any foreign cars up here, except for one Toyota truck. I do not want to dry the Toyota at this point, our country, automotive history. I want an American truck to prevail one for me. I want my American truck to prevail. We headed north on a ribbon of asphalt separating us from epic emptiness to the West Siberia to the East, a vast nothingness that some call Canada. Once you get beyond the trees, you can see a little bit of distance under the clouds God's country - it's not conquered by man, certainly not by vehicles at all. After four hours, we made it to a gas stop. Things were going good, but something is just bothering me hold on. Rutledge'S truck looks way too new. Doesn'T it get him Adam, get him Adam, oh, come on! That'S what you get for buying a 97 Rutledge Music ]. Why would you better yeah? Why did you get your ugly purple on my beautiful black truck to me? It looks like you've had a severe front impact and I have a little door. Ding you're lifted ash truck. I would have taken it in the bumper, but instead it had to take it in the corner of the hood yep. You say you prefer to take it in the bumper. We finally made the outskirts of Fairbanks and completed the second challenge unscathed. Then we were told that from now on, we would be in the wild tonight would be our last hotel. So our next challenge was to convert our trucks into bush ready campers overnight. If we didn't, the Bears would be feasting on us coming up. We prepare to go into the wild with our modified trucks. What in the Sam hell are you thinking having successfully completed the first highway challenge? We'D spent the night in Fairbanks converting our trucks into campers last night. The producers were gracious enough to give us all of about six hours notice that we'd be camping in our trucks in the Alaskan wilderness for days. So of course, we decided to make a few minor modifications. I created my camper shell in the shape of a giant spoiler. It would keep me warm and dry while enhancing the already stellar performance of the Chevy stepside fizz, all about rugged simplicity, a bed sleeping bag, coffee of course - and this thing this is on there we're going to be off-roading through hell. I admit the paint fumes may have gotten me a little bit in the spoilers. I don't know what they're for maybe they'll scare the bears away, but if you're gon na go out into Alaska with the truck and keep it tough, this is the way to do it. Oh, my god, really did you have to kill a beaver for that Rutledge wood? What in the Sam hell? Are you thinking it's a log cabin? I want to bring a little piece of home with me, so I wanted to be comfortable. This is my porch. Hang out here come on in hold, I like to wipe my feet on the welcome mat Wow. If you want to have a seat on my front porch and every good southern man likes to sit on the front porch, but look I've got a minibar. I'Ve got a stove complete with a stove exhaust. Oh look at this. This way, I'm really one with the animals, I'm a Daniel Boone hat here. Your bed is about five feet long. You don't think I can fit in this bed. I couldn't fit in that bed. You why don't you move I'll show you you ready voila. This is the life in here Tanner. This is an entry point for bears for termites my feet. Gugino'S. This is where I'm gon na sleep. Oh Rutledge, listen! What don't! I have sanity protection from the elements. Some sort of structural rigidity look at this thing is this: has badly had a few hours. I thought you'd be a little bit more impressive. I thought you would have had your attention to like survival a little bit instead of your dream, cabin haha, hey fellas! I am at a loss, the truck got worse. What do you mean it got worse? It wasn't possible, but you did it. Is this a cage? Yes, so this is Henry from bears bears and those killer moose we were talking about before so paranoia. Got to. You know paranoia is safety, you're, gon na use a picture of a lion and you've painted your truck blaze orange safety from hunters right. This picture will scare away the visual creatures like ringing. Like a bell, wait, let me show you what else I got go stand by the lion, I'm not sure what to expect here. Huh, really a speakerphone with a lion noise on it. It'S brilliant, you know bears I mean they have huge paws. They could just get in and just Adam, I think, you're a nice guy. I do, I think, you're awesome, but you are freaking crazy. This is your escape hatch. Yes, I thought he was just pretending. You'Re you're really scared of bears you're, not no. I'Ve got whisky and guns in the log cabin hey. You guys are aware that this is the wettest Alaskan summer in history. What are you gon na do if it rains with our trucks prepared for life in the wilderness? We set off for our next challenge, which would start 80 miles away back on. The highway was becoming clear that we might not have thought through our modifications, properly Sanna, how much downforce you getting in the floor. Pool sherry, drive upside down right now be getting a good draft off of it back there NASCAR I'm finding I'm just slightly less aerodynamic than I was yesterday in this monster. I feel like I may chase my de tenerife man Adam when you're done mowing all those lawns will you have a chance to go out the woods with Tanner and I everybody that pulls up to your end, Lynch pauses to see if they dare pull up alongside You as hilarious Tanner, I think you just need to hope. You don't find any skateboarding bears Adam. Do you see how big that mountain is in front of you holy wow? They are all around three sides. I think I'm going to be bigger tires. I think you're going to need a better truck. We arrived at the start of the next challenge. We had to drive to the top of somewhere called Fish Creek, which was a 20 mile automotive proving ground built by mother nature. The extreme inclines, drop-offs, potholes and water hazards would be a test for any brand-new truck, let alone our weathered pickups. Oh, hey guys looks like we got a water crossing. We got a whack. How deep does it look? I don't think there's any other way to go, but across you guys, good yeah buddy. Oh he's stuck things weren't, looking good for the Lion King did the engine die or did you stall it? Alright, the engine died come up like got into the thing I'm coming in. Why don't you come on out [, Music ]? You guys need a life raft. The river was flowing hard enough to sweep an average truck away. Luckily, the Ford weighed close to three average trucks. I know this currently that lion is not scaring anyone you have the tow, strap, let me just throw it. Won'T you drive it over. Okay, I can do that yeah baby. That'S what I'm talking about hook this to that you ready you look great up there! No! No! No! If Adam fell into the icy waters, he could die which would hold Tanner and me up. It'S good put it on there. All right get back in your truck there. Kemosabe, Oh Chuck, Norris he'll be happy to pull you out. Okay right, let's go ahead and Adam turn left as hard as you can turn. The left. Adam left left left, keep going, Rutledge keep on Rutledge keep on Relic. Keep it on Relic, yeah, okay, good, it's like taking care of a three-year-old Chuck Norris saved you. Thank you, Texas! Ranger! It lives. We only helped out him out of the water because, frankly, we didn't want to pollute the river. I have no idea how that truck started after being under water. For that long risen from the dead. My Ford was indestructible: it deserved a name that could tell the world it could take anything and keep going. Keith Richards, it's only rock and roll, but I like it Music ] with the water obstacles completed. We headed up to the top of the ridge, but an ordinary hill climbing task. This was not. This was more like hell on earth to our left, to drop of a thousand feet away to the careless driver Wow and if somehow you survived, the fall. The ice and gravel below is full of deadly sinkholes. That could swallow small office buildings without a trace. Look up to your left, I'm not looking! I'M not looking that it's straight down, don't go too far right out of cheese. Oh, I don't like Heights on a trail like this. It is vital to have power, steering good brakes transmission in perfect working order and great visibility, and I had none of these things. Our trucks had made it, but our nerves were fried, but the day was far from over Music. ] now was time to put our trucks through a skidpad alaskan-style: oh wow, everybody, okay, that was my bad. It got wetter and muddier. Oh yeah, there's a nice little sippy hole, Chuck Norris paved the way until he met Bruce Lee Music ]. Oh my gosh. I was awesome holy crap. I might need a little help with my dodge, stuck in in need of assistance. Tanner did the decent thing. Maybe I can go around you on the left side. Is there room and tried to overtake me and leave me for dead? I don't think I do that anymore. He'S gon na roll over ha ha, I'm stuck see balls stuck Tanner and I were down for the count lucky for us. Adams ego took over and he wanted to prove that his orange Ford could do something right. Yeah all right Riley got you come on back buddy. If Adam failed, we would all be more than screwed it's little Alf Rutledge the nearest help with 60 miles away. There. You go chef Norris, my ass. Okay! Stop there out! Stop there right! Stop! I'M gon na! Try to hit your truck and sale on federal bounce off my truck. You could flip it. You know that right, Brundage do not hit my truck. If you hit it, nothing is gon na flip for sure your radio working Rutledge you copied on that do not hit the blue truck. Oh more! Yes, as we head further into the Alaskan wilderness, Rutledge decides to remodel. We were halfway up an Alaskan Ridge and our trucks were stuck embarrassingly. I'D had to be pulled out of the mud by Adams, 30-year old gun range target, but Tanner was still stuck you're. Not yet the blue truck just don't hit it. It'S gon na flip and I'm gon na be bare me. This is gon na be awesome. Adam may have bailed me out. Your cage is strong right, but I tried talking him out of helping Tanner guys. This is like two on two full-court press stupid that thing's like a rubber band. When you get it really tight all right. Let'S do this thing. Okay, I'm just gon na watch for my porch. It'S not you guys! It'S me! Oh, are you ready? I'M gon na go Music, ], yeah, [, Music ]. Incredibly, we all managed to make it to the top of Fish Creek, which is reputed to be one of the best views in all of Alaska. My back hurts my arm. The 20 feet long feel, like I've, been getting hit in the ass by a 2x4 for like six days straight with a good fire going. We did what all guys do in Alaska around a fire. Now it's a party talk truck driving. A pickup truck through Alaska. Has to be one of the ultimate things you can do with four wheels. The three of us are really representing American truck lovers now with the Chevy, the Ford and then the ultimate dodge, so the ultimate done yeah. I don't see that badge anywhere all right, fellas we're gon na have a big day tomorrow. I think we should all get some sleep. It'S a blue sky right there, it's 11:30 at night. What yeah I'm going to bed see you guys, okay, hop in there you're totally in there all right! Thank you! God, I'm antsy! In the morning, good night, Adam night, Rutledge good night Anna got it night. Good night bears not funny. We were two days into the quest to find America's toughest truck. All three of our vehicles were still working, but behind us stalk, two predator, the Toyota pickup we'd, have to drive if one of our trucks died. None of us wanted that shame to test the brute strength of our trucks. We had to drive up a river valley until we got to a glacier a hundred and forty square miles of moving ice. Our challenge was to touch that ice with our trucks. I got to say I'm actually impressed with the Chevy. It is uh, it's stout thing. Yeah make some noise complains a little bit but she's reliable. I mean my truck is loud, but the whining of your belts is deafening. Yeah, the belts are bad. They you know what actually it reminds me out, knock it off. That is way too full I'm trying to go to the back amateur. We were now up against an almost vertical climb over large money boulders. If all of the trails to the glacier were going to be this stuff, we were in big trouble. I got ta be a hundred percent honest. I'M surprised any of these are making it through this how's it going up there right. I have blown my left front shock. Wow you've led us into some nasty stuff. This truck drove on a cliff went through a river. Eventually, this can take anything. Oh, when you're driving this sort of terrain, it's vital to keep control of your vehicle by maintaining forward momentum and all four wheels on the ground at all times or you can do it like Adam uh-oh that didn't sound good fellas. Oh my gosh yeah. I didn't stop on purpose. It'S uh, I think I might have snapped the driveshaft. What did it sound like nothing, there's fluff, and so now you don't have any geared new, not one gear. What so? How was it sitting right? There rocks that kind of sounds like the truck might be dead sounds like I tell you how to might be in your future. Hey we'll see you back at camp. Okay, good luck with that! So Keith Richards was dead. The great orange warrior defeated by the overwhelming forces of nature and quite a big rock Music ] Adam, was the first to fall on his sword. I'D like us to all have a moment of silence for Keith Richards with Adams Ford out of the running. It was down to dodge versus Chevy whoa man, [, Music, ] Rutledge's dodge was a monster. Oh awesome. It might have been ten years younger than my Chevy, but it was twice as heavy and an accident waiting to happen. No go baby, go [, Music ]! You wash your hands right: Oh [, Music! ]. Did you hit my house right? I got no other way out of here. I think you're gon na have to just back all the way down. I got ta get through it. I sleep in there. Oh, oh! No, that is real unfortunate that had to happen. It'S all part of Whelan, my friend, I'm sorry you're gon na have to pick that up. Let me get your pillow for you welcome jackass. We now had plenty of firewood thanks to Tanner and his stupid, Chevy turd side, all right back, scoot back a touch. Ah, let's camp, I need to get my crapper. How bad do you have to go, not bad enough to do it that close to the fire? Coming up in the final race to the glacier Rutledge gets distracted. Did you write? I love sheep on there, no on a distant trail, deep in the Alaskan wilderness. My Ford f250 became the first casualty in the search for America's toughest truck. I was now a national disgrace in the Toyota of shame: [, Music ] only two trucks were left in the game and it all had come down to one final challenge. We had to drive our battered vehicles further into the wilderness to the mighty connect glacier, but reaching the glacier wasn't enough to complete the challenge. We had to actually drive on it, but there was no trail here. We would have to pick our way through the endless river channels in quicksand that could swallow us whole many trucks have attempted this route and never returned roll up the window before bashing through the water. Oh, I can't see anything yeah, [, Music ]. For some reason. I'M covered in mud because the top of my door won't see you from here. It was a race through virgin territory. There were no more roads, there were no more rules, just one perfectly proportioned Chevy stepside against a super-sized, lumbering Dodge. I can't see your hood is just bouncing every time you did anything. This was fast and furious, Alaskan style holy homie. Oh all, you lost the bed. Music ]. The race was on, but chuck was starting to feel the heat he was built for comfort. Not for speed and the pace was taking its toll. Oh boys, I have bad news. What'S up buddy, I think big dodge go boom. You got a dead Ram, bad bad. Let'S take a look. Oh that could do it. You got a sideways battery. Let'S get out of here: Music, ] shucks was back stronger than ever kind of boys. The dodge is hurt and she is knocking and way down on power. Wow that does not sound good right. Keep digging, keep digging Chuck, there's the glacier right there. That'S what I'm talking about can't believe it. I can see the glacier come on Chuck gig come on come on stay with me, stay with me, not as fast as it'll go for the record. This is foot to the floor. How about you stop pushing me? I'M trying to give you a push, I thought you said you had no power. Oh then he died again come on baby come on. I think Chuck Norris is gon na be buried at sea. Come on Chuck come on. Are you kidding me [, Music, ] and again, that's it and again. Ah, I think that's it. I'M not even getting out of my truck this time. We'Ve done this five six times already then. Finally, whatever fight Chuck had left started, steaming out of the hood. A lot more under hood smoke this time here we go. Oh look at that smoke good time to push it off the trail yeah. I think this is it for Chuck. This is his final resting place, so long Chuck death of a giant, but we knew it was inevitable. Hey genius, I'm on a tree. Did you write? I love sheep on there. No, if you guys don't mind, I just need a minute with Chuck alone. Of course, take your time Chuck, you were a fighter up till that very last minute. I believed in you Chuck. I don't love sheep and I know you don't either kick ass out here. Whatever you're gon na do you'll ask in wilderness, I meant coming up. It'S Toyota versus Chevy, but will anyone be able to walk when it's over the battle? To crown America's toughest truck had claimed two casualties Adams, Ford had been vanquished by a medium-sized rock and Rutledge's dodge was killed by an exotic mix of earth and water known as mud. Only the Chevy remained. So obviously I had taken the title technically you're, just in the lead. We are not at the glacier yet and that's what the deal is. That was our mission yet had to get to the glacier and drive on so you drive carefully my friend cause. If you don't make it, you don't win so who's driving the Toyota, I got to drive it. It'S the rules. The cycle of shame continues well we're behind you. If you need anything, I mean not metaphorically, but physically we'll be behind you. Unfortunately, they were right. I did have to make it on to the ice to win and then it dawned on me. I was representing every American truck with my little blurple Chevy. If I didn't make it to victory in the Toyota, did an import would be crowned America's toughest truck, and I couldn't let that happen. I wouldn't let that happen. This quickly became a matter of national pride. Let'S get to the ice Music, ] letlet. You guys feel like any colder out yeah. It must be we're getting close Music ] tanner. We made it yeah, [, Music, ], look at that wall of ice right there, Music, ], unbelievable [, Music, ], most insane terrain. I'Ve ever seen: [, Music ]. Let me out of this thing: [: Music, ] god, it's beautiful one of the most epic things I've ever seen, and you know what with these gorgeous blue glaciers um. I think your blue truck looks nice yeah, it's a nice blue truck. He called it a blue truck yeah that was very touching. You earned it. We'Ve proven the chebbi is the toughest truck? No, no. No. We put the Chevy made it this far. I don't know if you can see tanner the glacier is right over there and we are right over here. Annoyingly again, they were right between the Chevy in the ice field was a deep river and a lake full of icebergs. There was no way through, but because these icebergs are from that glacier, I think it should count. If you can get your truck to an iceberg, you will okay, I can get out to an iceberg. It'S done! Yep we're gon na. Do this, like a rock. My friend Music ], so where are we going? You think this is gon na work. I don't know it looks like the icebergs are closer to the edge over here anyway. This is probably the dumbest idea we've ever had. Who knows how cold that water is or how deep? It is? Well, that's interesting he's coming down backwards. I wouldn't have thought of that. How'S that gon na work any part of the truck right, yeah. Look there you go, you can do it. Applause, ], [, Music, ]. What are you doing, I'm getting on the ice now I get it! That'S what the step size for. I think I'll call this iceberg, it's floating on what Hey floating away it's floating away! You went back on the tractor, our truck. Alright, I'm getting back on the truck yeah. Hey you won! That is America's toughest truck. Let'S go take some showers. It'S a good idea. I meant separate showers. Music ] go big Music, ], [, Music ] he's got it up. Oh goodbye Alaska, I'm going home, [, Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ],