The Mercedes G550 4x4 Squared Is a $250,000 German Monster Truck

This is a 2017 mercedes-benz, g550 4x4 squared it costs around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, which is double the price of a regular Mercedes G Wagon, and it's listed way off the ground. So it has double V, off-roading abilities of a regular G Wagon, and today I've borrowed this one from a viewer here in Virginia. So I can show you why it's double the insane of a regular G Wagon, [, Music ]. Of course, I'm going to demonstrate that in a minute by driving the g-wagen 4x4 squared - and you can read all of my thoughts on the driving experience, if you click the link below to read my review on, slash oversteer, but right now, I'm going to take You on a little tour and show you all of the crazy quirks and weird features that make the G Wagon 4x4 squared so unusual, even when it's just sitting still. First a quick overview. The g550 4x4 Squared uses the same engine from the regular g550, a twin-turbo v8, with 416 horsepower and 450 pound feet of torque, it's officially available in the United States, but you might never see one production numbers likely won't top 300 or so for the entire country. The interior is the same as a standard G Wagon, but all the other stuff well you'll see. But when sorry about that little smudge on the lens now the craziest thing you instantly notice about this vehicle is obviously its height. I am 6 foot 3. I'M not a short person, but this is not a short vehicle. Next up, here's a comparison with this thing and my Range Rover. This is not some tiny little crossover. This is no same sized SUV and people do me crap for driving something so big. Well, it ain't so big. Now, look at the difference in mirror height, look at the difference in roof height, and maybe the craziest thing. When you open the Range Rovers door, the middle of it barely reaches the G wagons running boards. The four by smallest grant is enormous, in fact, it's 20 inches taller than a Range Rover, but the Range Rover is the wrong vehicle to use for a demonstration of the G wagons height for a better comparison. This is the G Wagen 4x4 squared. This is a public school bus; their Huns are at the same level. That means when you're driving this your driving position is what we the same, is when you're driving this in case. You think I'm lying about the driving position here. It is next to one of these flat front buses. The G Wagen 4x4 squares. Hood comes up to this buses windshield when you're driving. This thing you'll basically be chatting it up with fire engine drivers, school bus drivers, garbage truck drivers. Oh nothing! You have a lot in common now, speaking of gargantuan size, you can't talk about height and not mention with the standard G Wagon is only sixty nine and a half inches wide, which is narrower than a Ford focus, but to create the g-wagen 4x4 squared they had To add over a foot of width to this vehicle, the result this one is 82 inches wide, which makes it wider than a Ford Raptor. Another crazy thing about this vehicle is the ground clearance. Mercedes-Benz has listed this thing off the road he's, including called portal axles, which I'll get to in a second right. Now. The important thing to understand is a Ford Raptor. The off-road muscley pickup truck has 9.3 inches of ground clearance. This thing has 18 inches double a ford Raptors ground clearance. What exactly does 18 inches of ground clearance and tail well, let me demonstrate [, Music ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause ]. We can't afford Raptor. Another interesting thing about this vehicle is the bumper situation now, when mercedes-benz lifted the entire g-wagen body that was gon na lifted the bumper itself, and the result of that is that the normal bumper on this car doesn't really conform to the bumpers. On any other vehicles that we get an accent so in order to sell this in the United States, mercedes-benz had to fit this tiny little aluminum, looking bumper all the way on the bottom. It'S the lowest point in the car and kind of looks like a weird afterthought bumper, and then there are the fenders now in order to Jack this thing up and make it all off road ready, Mercedes had to stick a bunch of suspension components down there, which Involved widening the vehicle, and so the tires came out from the body and they needed some fenders. The interesting part of this decision was Mercedes, decided to make the fenders out of carbon fiber. Now that may seem like it's sort of a cool thing: carbon-fiber fenders, except you're, driving along and this wheel kicks up some rocks and then BAM. It goes right near carbon-fiber failure. I can we imagine what these giant carbon-fiber fenders cost to replace. Now one of the things you'll quickly realize, with the height situation in this vehicle, is that stepping inside is no longer especially easy. We demonstrate you open the door and then look at this is 18 inches. You got to step over, it's not it's, not the easiest thing, the world, the first. The front is hard, but harder yet is the rear. Let me show you you open the back door. You notice, not only do you have to climb over 18 inches, but the space to get in is much smaller because of the giant rear fender and because it's desala much legroom in this thing, not only that you have to climb over 18 inches and then you Have to climb even higher to get into the back seat. Most importantly, you don't want to put your hand on the extremely expensive carbon fiber vendor, because you don't want to break it so climb inside you don't put your hand there. You got to eat yourself up. Oh climb even further, and now I'm in not so bad but now getting out. I can't put my hand there, so I just got to kind of sleep. The height also creates a problem. If you're trying to load stuff in in modern cars, people complain if they have to lift the package above their knees in order to get the car, and this thing you have to look bit above your waist leave it I level for short people. Now. The interesting thing is once it's here: it's actually a little bit easier to get out of there in a normal car, because this is right here boom, but getting it in the first place, not especially easy. Now, one of the interesting things you'll notice about this vehicle. When you first see it is all of the lights, the front end is generally the same as a regular g-wagen. But look up here you have these orange marker lights in front, but turn on whenever you turn on the headlight and in back you have the same setup, the same grouping of lights except they're red and they come on every time. You turn on the headlights. I assume this is to warn people that you're coming in a vehicle that is incredibly tall. Semi trucks have lights like these now. The most interesting part are these. These are little LED lights like the running lights up front. Unfortunately, the federal government decided apparently that Mercedes Benz is not allowed in the US market to turn on the LED lights, presumably because it would blind birds or something anyway. The point is, you can't turn them on at all they're, just there in foreign markets they come on, but not here a one other interesting thing about the light panel on the roof. Then I have carbon fiber, which is weird because it just faces forward. It'S kind of susceptible to rot chips, also susceptible to rot chips. Those fenders again in the front they also face forward and the carbon fiber is right here - could easily get hit. Maya Rockets kicked up from another vehicle. Now, let's talk about the portal axles, which is rather busy, this vehicle is able to be lifted so high off the ground. Now, when a normal guy just lifts his truck, usually just does the suspension leaving the axles where they are and then they become the lowest point on the vehicle, not in this case, in this case, they've done the suspension which lifted it up, but they also move The axle now in a normal vehicle, the axles are right in the middle of the wheel. That makes the most sense the wheels turn on the axles are right in the center in this car, the portal axles actually lift up a bone. The center of the wheel for extra ground clearance tremendously expensive solution, but it gives it thing, probably six extra inches of ground clearance, amazing to look at now. That'S why I was able to climb underneath it there's absolutely nothing in tumbling this car, since the axles have been moved out of the way of any objects. This thing has so much ground clearance. You can probably drive over a fire hydrant and not damage another thing. I love about this car not unique to the 4x4 squared, but all G wagons is the basketball hoop cupholder. Allow me to explain now: the G Wagen came out back in the 70s before people are putting cupholders and cars when they modernized it later for the US market, they needed to add a couple there, and so for the front they added this thing. Look at that look at that look at this cup holder and tell me it does not look exactly like a basketball hoop for tiny basketball. Unfortunately, it is a couple there and this is the only front cup holder in the g-wagon. So that's most of the insanity, but not all of it. For the rest, I have to climb inside and get out on the road. In this thing, a 250 thousand dollar german-built monster truck all right time to drive the four by four squared, oh boy. What we see very high, then you'll notice that yeah there's the windowing you know in the animated it was different, hips to be lifted, done another 10 inches off the ground, as I'm compromising what a mysterious tree doesn't permanently direct. Now I do feel like I own the road, I really feel like everybody. What is it? Yeah? Yes - and I guess here - dynamics part we're always on the left bank and then we love to get a little change in course, and definitely body can go under course, which is actually kind of mining suppressors. You may close. Listen. I know professional running incident body rolls roll, it's not a special problem. I wanted to. I get run over that need such an interesting people right hearing friends. New cars is quite a big dream. Yes, when you come to a full stop at a light, it stops and then it kind of rocks back and forth a little bit. The other interesting thing is the car feels terrible. Mistake is potentially a few clamps and defenders, and you remember, by the way, don't forget. I had six inches on either side of me. I got ta tell for the amount of parking the tech scene. I really need pickup in a pickle that painting is above the ground how much they are than this car and collective am very disappointed. That is unbelievable. I am looking down and rather flammable cute, that guy brought in a frenzy by the really special essential we're coming it looks like us, is fun believe I'm in my room, but I need to visit a normal car you're my rage around a little our main things. I look at if I think, all other small crossover in this vehicle ain't like a psychological control, except for the interior any place. You can stitch them your beautiful leather, carbon, fiber strands Intervale. If you travel, I believe all of your chameleon Alcantara steering eliminating look arrangement on Michael Beasley, interesting, rising rates battery. You have a combination of sorts of things. Okay, with a lifted pickup, you have the luxury that you associate with over safes been. Oh, then, you have this steering position that I've only ever got what I print like. I know, but you fall when I moved facility. It was kind of like that. This is incredible. I can see the entire. I can see I'm sitting behind a Volvo xc90. I can see over it and then I can see to the next car front of like a Highlander. I can see his room rack situation. I can see the roof registration car in front of him. I think it doesn't bring a job like we saw with the rough roads and I think it's pretty good, you do feel it, but it isn't uncomfortable. I don't feel like. I don't feel like it's going, fine and also they're closing it. I'M not really looking like puddles. I wouldn't be really trying to get out of the way over the a what everything I'm surprised, how much body rolling things? That'S, not a bad thing. I think your college fun happens. Bag isn't going to handle like whoa. It'S pretty quick, that's pretty quick, it's not wildly bad, but it moves considering our driving position. You know when you sit in that vehicle, if you expect it to have fire truck acceleration, you know it's interesting. I actually wonder if it drives a little better than a turkey leg, and just because I sort of have the wider track, the corners are further apart and almost as well positioned the standard. How? How can you know I mean you have a bunch breaking? I think that Harlan to me this is the question. I'M concerned be waiting release less on here. You really can't be like a lot of passing car weight between the past power and the driving position. You just own the road you own their own time, because even you know in a semi-truck, you have the driving for this really on the road, but you could need to keep up with a hyundai elantra and in the g63 you're you're, not that much taller than A regular SUV, my ranger, but I but in Michigan - and this is the only car, Lightning sort of super top like a semi-truck. Remember if you've ever gone to a monster truck event, you've probably looked around and noticed that you aren't exactly surrounded by our nation's elite. But, let's be honest: monster trucks are cool, even if you're, rich and now the g-wagen 4x4 squared gives the wealthy a chance to have the monster truck experience. Just like everyone else, and actually I think that perfectly sums up what this vehicle is: the giant $ 250,000 german-built monster truck for the 1 % and g550 4x4 squared. It is something something how much is 18 inches well. Allow me to demonstrate the bumper to bumper by [ Music ]

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