7 Crazy Russian Trucks and Amphibious Off-Road Vehicles You Must See

Welcome to Massey tack, it goes without saying that bad roads, unforgiving weather conditions and harsh terrain are first of all associated with one country on this planet, Russia. What else is typical for this place? Some mean and extreme trucks that can actually allow people to get around and reach any corner of the vast territory these vehicles can drive with or without roads, on snow dirt and sand through water and on water. Are you interested to witness these monsters and find out some information about them, then stick with us a little longer but before beginning make sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell. Let'S roll tinker tinker track vehicle is truly multifunctional and is intended to become a substitute for his swamp buggy, a tractor, a snowmobile, a quad bike and a boat. It can develop a speed of 22 miles per hour and seat five people for land transportation and for for water travel, Tingler track has a fuel efficient four-stroke engine steel, reinforced tracks and light HDPE body. It can easily overcome 1.65 feed obstacles. Two point: three feet: wide pits and 40 gradient hills: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] Saten pro another civilian used crazy. A TV named Shatan was recently released by russian company na'vi pataki, translated as the new stream with a Japanese made KU beta V. 1505 T turbo diesel engine, this intimidating, off-roader is capable of conferring all kinds of terrain including snow sand, mud Bushwood, water bodies, 35 %, gradient hills and 3.3 feet high obstacles such as fallen trees. Such maneuverability is made possible by a two-part moving frame and huge low-pressure makar tires. The price for this atv is moderate and starts from $ 48,000 for a gasoline engine and 55 thousand for diesel Music ] after our shaman shaman, created by Russian truck manufacturer after us, is another off-road vehicle suitable for use in any weather conditions. It can comfortably seat 8 passengers any driver and can be transformed into a forced sleeping places, cabin shaman, climbs 45 % gradient hills and obstacles and has a unique side wave moving mode. A four-cylinder Iveco, f1c, 3 liter turbo diesel helps shaman attain a 44 mph maximum speed. The vehicle is available for customization, as the manufacturer offers its customers to build their own shaman Music, ], [, Music, ] burlock. It is a six wheel and fibia struck with one heard: 70 horsepower yoda one KDF TV, boo, diesel engine top speed reaches 55 miles per hour on solid grounds and three point: seven miles per hour and water. This atv was first developed for a Transantarctic automobile expedition. In 2014 and the second prototype was created in 2017, burlock was fully built by fantastic, auto mechanic engineer and automotive enthusiast Alex Makarov make sure to visit his channel to see unbelievable places. His visited with this truck Music ] chirp first develop in 2015. Sharp ATV has become an established competitor among other off-road vehicles produced worldwide. It can overcome 3.3 feet high obstacles as it is equipped with huge wheels and low pressure tires. The vehicle is powered by four-cylinder 1.5 litre diesel cubit FV 1505 t44 engine that has 44 horsepower and allows ship to develop a top speed of 28 miles per hour on land. The vehicle is also amphibious and goes 3.75 miles per hour and water [, Music, ], Taurus Taurus is a Russian design and made small sized all-terrain motorcycle. That is not saying in water and can even climb stairs. Interestingly, the motorcycle has a two wheel drive and is dismountable. It could be fit into a track of a regular passenger. Car Taurus is great for off-road driving in The Woodlands. It is, however, not suitable for Road use and is sold exclusively in Russia. The price is around $ 1700 [, Music, ], [, Music, ] vitas truck vitas dt 30 is an all-terrain track vehicle first produced in 1982. The truck can be used on sand, snow and water. It is mostly used for fried and cargo transportation for military purposes. The Vita's can carry a crew of five and a maximum load of sixty-six thousand pounds under the hood. The VDS is a 710 horsepower, Vee 46 v diesel engine that has a preheater and can be started at the temperature of 58 degrees, Fahrenheit [, Music, ], [, Music ]. If you're watching this video from the Russian Federation, we have a message for you guys. We all love your amazing trucks, but how about building good roads when you won't need them any longer? Thank you all for watching and we'll see you next time so make sure to subscribe.

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